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As we become more connected through media, businesses both large and small are discovering the power of online video and its ability to connect with consumers.  From business, corporate & employee profiles to web & television commercials and training videos- we can help you with your businesses video needs.  

Please check out the gallery below- clicking on each image will bring up an example business video.  If your browser has trouble playing the video, try clicking on the title below the image.  Videos may take a moment to load.


Client: StudioNow, Yellowpages.com / Project: Phoenix Contracting Services, Inc.

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Why choose a documercial or profile video over say- a TV ad?

LOW COST: depending on the network and the airtime chosen, a 30 second TV spot can average $600- per showing. If your ad runs twice a day- in one week you may spend up over $8000.  And for something that many people just mute when it pops up on their TVs anyway.

How much does it cost?

Our basic profile video/documercial combo is $325.  This pre-designed package allows us to price aggressively.

What is included?

It includes a brief pre-production consultation, a 3-5 hour video shoot at one location, editing, and online delivery of the final 2-3 minute video.  One round of revisions is included before final delivery.

Are there extra charges above the basic package?

This basic package covers the majority of businesses, however if a client wishes to add on extras like additional shooting time/days or locations, or bring in actors/voice over talent- those can be added in at an additional cost.  

So how does it work?

After the order is made, an appointment time and location (typically at the business address) is scheduled for the videotaping.  After that date and time is confirmed- the client is sent a questionnaire re: their business, i.e. why was the business started, how long in business, what services are offered, etc.  This gives their customer a well rounded description of what is offered and why they should choose you.

On the day of the videotaping- a small crew will arrive (1-2 people) with camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Typically, the interview with the owner/employees is filmed first, and this is preferably done in a quiet location as to minimize interference.  If there are customers willing to be interviewed about their experience, this will be shot as well. The next thing to be taped is the business in action- the owner/employees working, product preparation, any engagement with customers, shots of the location/signage etc.  The videotaping process usually takes about 3-5 hours to complete, however more time may be needed depending on the client and their needs.  The process should not exceed 6 hours.  This shows the customer the care that is taken to provide their services.

Once the footage has been captured, it will be edited and will include music, graphics/logos from the company, and contact information.  The edit process usually takes less than one week, and when the first draft is completed the client has the opportunity to make any changes to how the footage was arranged, different music, or adding/changing any onscreen text and information.  Once the video is finished, a link will be emailed to the client that will allow them to download the video for their keeping.  

I’m nervous in front of the camera!

This is normal.  As the questions asked during the interview will be determined before hand, most clients never feel “on the spot” when asked about their business.  If you are still concerned however, you can have another employee complete the interview, or we can just use your voice and have the video concentrate on your business in action and less about you on-screen.

Where can I use the video?

The video format will allow easy integration into social media, YouTube channels, and/or inclusion into the businesses website (may require the assistance of your site’s web-master).


Valley contractor Canyon State Roofing, wants to educate their customer- so that they have all the knowledge needed to make an informed decision about their roofing needs.

They requested a unique video for their website that not only shows the client the products and services they offer, but also shows them why their roof might be failing, the options available to replace it, and how the process is completed.

Customers appreciate when a business doesn't just focus on trying to sell them something- but offers insight into their issue.  Click on the image to the right to view the video.


A “documercial” is an advertising medium that forgoes actors, scripts, and studios- and instead uses a businesses actual employees interacting with real customers.  This involves using a documentary filmmaking approach to show how the business operates, showing potential customers a “real-life” view of what it’s like to use this business and interact with it’s owners.

Documercials are particularly advantageous to local and small businesses.  They typically don’t have the marketing budget to afford TV ads- something that chain stores can. This make it all the more difficult to compete.

Through their website and social media, local businesses can use the documercial to engage their customers as they get to meet the owner and learn why they want their business.  This fosters a more intimate connection with the consumer- as they're more likely to purchase from someone they have “met” as opposed to getting in line at a chain store.