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Making Video Work For You



Agents continually look for way to get the most exposure for their listings.  A traditional photo gallery containing still from the property are a great start, but a video tour can help you stand out from the thousands of other listings with galleries.  A “live” video tour gives the viewer a feeling of presence that photos just can’t match.  People are drawn to video, and they’re more likely to view the listings with videos first.


The two most popular products offered are video home tours and real estate agent profiles.

HOME TOUR: a 2-3 minute video that takes the viewer around the exterior and on the inside of the property.  To give it more of an “HGTV feel”- proper camera techniques like smooth pans, tilts and zooms are used.  Narration may be added to help detail the home’s specifics (or text may be used in place of a voice over).  Music is added along with the agent’s contact info.

AGENT PROFILE: a 2-3 minute video detailing the professional experience of the agent- including (but not limited to) personal story, background in field, any awards given, and any specialities or market specialities offered.  This gives the prospective seller a chance to “meet” you, and learn more about what you have to offer (and hopefully learn why you should be their listing agent).